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Great Catholic church

The church was built between 1774 and 1806 and it is the largest cathedral of the Great Hungarian Plain region. The ornaments of the walls were created by Ferenc Lohr. The frescos on the ceiling were painted by Ignác Roskovics who was awarded Lotz-prize for his work of art. In the first vault St. Michael archangel is defending the church with his sword, in the middle the patron of the town St. Nicholas blesses the people of Kecskemét that is symbolised by a man offering a goat. In the greatest vault in front of the apse Hungarian saints worship the Holy Virgin.  The great altar presents the ascension of Jesus painted by József Falkoner. The side altar painting of „Mary among peach blossoms” beyond its religious meaning demonstrates the success of Kecskemét in fruit growing. The walls of the vast nave are decorated with the coat of arms of former lords, such as Anjou, Hunyadi and Koháry as well as the town Kecskemét.

There are three bells in the church as for the honor of the Holy Trinity. Looking down from the 73 meter tall tower the panorama of the town can be seen.