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’Cifrapalota’ Art Gallery

Cifrapalota (meaning decorated palace) was designed by Géza Márkus follower of the great master of Art Nouveau, Ödön Lechner. Mixing the elements of the international Art Nouveau style primarily Viennese style with Hungarian folk art it became one of the most beautiful and famous buildings in Hungary. The roof tiles and the majolica inlays were produced by the Zsolnay factory in Pécs.

Cifrapalota Art Gallery has been functioning as a museum since 1983. The approximately 20 thousand pieces of art as well as the findings of Avar era, namely the treasures of the chief tomb from Kunbábony, are on permanent exhibition. Temporary exhibitions on history, archeology, ethnography, local history are organized on the ground- and first floor.

The collection of Hungarian paintings from 19th-20th centuries is one of the most considerable ones in Hungary, with pieces from Adolf Fényes, Károly Ferenczy, Béla Czóbel, József Rippl-Rónai, Lajos Gulácsy, László Mednyánszky, Béla Iványi Grünwald (founding leader of the Kecskemét Colony of Artists) Menyhért Tóth.

The beautiful „Peacock” ceremony hall is suitable for conferences, spectacles and meetings. Moreover cultural events, concerts, balls and weddings can be organized here.